About Us

Loki & Layla Candle Company is a family-owned and operated candle, petcare and body care company based out of Pottsville, Pennsylvania. The company was named after Loki Wolfgang Von Cuddles, and Layla “Rayra” - their Bernese Mountain Dog Companions and best friends.

Established in 2019, Loki & Layla Candle Company has quickly risen to one of Pennsylvania’s most  well-known candle companies. Known for amazing cold, and hot through, as well as longer than average burn times, we offer over 100 various scents. All candles are Vegan/Kosher and phthalate free.

$1 of every product sold is donated to various charities, organized by brand.

Shortly after Inception, the Loki & Layla brand grew- introducing the GET SOME Military inspired line of candles with humor dedicated to our patriots, military families and friends! Proceeds from this line are donated to programs and organizations aimed to help veterans receive the care and help they need.

2019 Loki & Layla Co. introduced the A Candle Has no Name candle line geared toward pop culture lovers. Proceeds from this line are donated toward bat conservation.

In June, 2021 Loki & Layla Company introduced their line of skincare and soaps under Runic Apothecary in memory of Joe’s late uncle John, and their mutual adoration for the Viking Culture.

After Losing Angel “Pretty Girl” in December 2021 due to an emergency health situation and misdiagnosis, the Petcare line was renamed to Angel’s Petcare. Proceeds from this line will be donated to a fund Joe and Ashley are establishing to help people with astronomical veterinary bills, or those who cannot afford emergency veterinary care. 


Welcome to the Loki & Layla family!